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We all like to grab a bargain whenever we can, but it seems that they can be extremely hard to find in the airline industry. This is usually because the margins in the airline industry tend to be much tighter than in other areas in the travel world. However, airlines are starting to show better profits since the world financial crash of 2008, and this means that they can be more flexible with their prices. So, if you know where to look and what to do, it is possible to pick up some bargain flights.

One of the biggest problems in finding discount flights depends upon the locations involved. For instance, if you will be leaving from a small airport and landing at a small airport, then the competition is likely to be small, and this usually means airline ticket prices will be high. On the other hand, if you are flying between major hubs, then there will be a lot of competition, and this means lower prices. One thing you need to pay particular attention to when comparing flight prices, is to ensure that you are including all the extras. This usually means going through to the payment page so that you know the final price. Some airlines will add extra costs for using a credit card, luggage, food and selecting a seat.

The best way of finding a flight for a good price is to load up at least two comparison sites, preferably three. Then input your chosen dates and the destination. You can then compare the prices to give you a general idea of what it will cost you. Once you have the cheapest price, then phone the airline involved and ask them for the best price that they can offer. Sometimes they will give one better than the websites. Other times they may be more expensive. This is why you at least have to ask.

When you are travelling will make a difference to the prices as well. If you are thinking of going during a holiday period, then prices will likely be high. While booking at the start of the week mid-month can see cheaper prices, as the airlines try to get some business in between pay days. It can also save you some money booking at least six weeks in advance. In fact, if you can book more than six months in advance, then that can end up saving quite a bit of money.

If you are going away for a while, then check out the luggage allowance on the carrier before booking. There can be a big difference in the allowance between airlines. Some carriers only allow 20kg, while others can go as high as 40kg. If the latter is only a few dollars dearer, then it may be worth going with them.

Also, pay particular attention to the times that the flight takes off and lands in both directions. More importantly, look at the total flight time. If a changeover is needed, it should be between one hour to four hours. Any shorter, and you may miss the connection if the first flight is delayed. A longer changeover means sitting in the airport terminal for hours. For an extra $20 or so, it is usually worth paying to get to the destination quickly.

Prior to booking with an airline, make sure you read the reviews on them, and check what plane it is that you will be flying on. Long haul flights will be more comfortable if it is an A380 or 777, as the seats are wider. Whereas an A330 can be cramped.